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A R T Í C U L O S , E N T R E V I S T A S Y R E S E Ñ A S


» | Weezer (The Blue Album) | Inglés
» | Pinkerton | Inglés
» | Pinkerton | Inglés
» | Weezer (The Green Album) | Inglés
» | The Revenge of the Nerds (The Green album) | Mayo 21 2001| Inglés
» | Weezer (the Green album)
» | The Green album | Inglés
» | Maladroit | Inglés
» | Maladroit | Inglés
» | Maladroit | Inglés

Artículos & Entrevistas

» | Tiempo al Tiempo de volver a celebrar | Artículo | Agosto 30 2001 | Español

Desaparecidos de la escena por casi cuatro años, la banda del carismático Rivers Cuomo volvió en el momento exacto para retomar con clase el sitial que ostentaran . . .


» | Weezer: A Case Study | Artículo | Octubre 18 2001 | Inglés

I’ll start off by saying that, without a doubt, Weezer is one of my favorite bands in the world. But they are also one of the most perplexing and frustrating bands around


» | It's Not Easy Being Green | Agosto 14 2001 | Inglés

Weezer first hit the scene in 1994 with its thoroughly hooky blockbuster debut (produced by seminal pop god/Cars leader Ric Ocasek)


» |'s interview with Pat Wilson | Entrevista | Inglés

Did you ever dream when you were little that you would be in a band like Weezer where millions of kids all over the world know your name and idolize you?


» Addicted to Noise | Weezer's Uncomfortable Success | Era Pinkerton | Entrevista | Inglés

"Oh no. I don't want to get out." Weezer singer/guitarist Rivers Cuomo is a bit nervous. The
stretch limousine we are riding in has just pulled up to the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. . .


»Addicted to Noise | Weezer Revealed: The Rivers Cuomo Interview | Era Pinkerton | Inglés

Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo doesn't give many interviews. Usually he lets guitarist Brian Bell, drummer Patrick Wilson or bassist Matt Sharp handle the press. . .


»The Harvard Crimson | The Grass Is Always Greener For Rivers Cuomo | Febrero 22 2002 | Artículo |Inglés

Both Weezer lead singer Rivers Cuomo, Class of ’98, and I have three semesters left to complete our Harvard
undergraduate degrees


»Spin Magazine | Cutting Classes | Junio 2001 | Entrevista | Inglés

In the opulent dressing room of Milwaukee's Rave Ballroom, Rivers Cuomo is sitting on a tapestry-covered
couch, looking uneasy . . .


» | MTV: Gang Green | Entrevista |Inglés

Plan for world domination: 1) Release refreshingly poppy self-titled debut album 2) Follow it up with an album of difficult, dark, emotionally-twisted songs named Pinkerton . . .


»Guitar World| Odder than Hell | Mayo 2002 | Entrevista | Inglés

. . .Yeah, or asking me to play a certain song. They're all little bitches (los fans) , so I avoid them at all costs


»Ice Magazine | Weezer Deep Breadth | nº 181 | Artículo | Inglés

. . .“I’m happy with the backgrounds on December. It’s kind of Disney-meets-the-‘50s. The album has 3 breathing points: December, D&D, and Burndt Jamb.’ All the rest are pretty dense.”


»Kerrang Magazine | Has Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo lost the plot? | Abril | Entrevista | Inglés

. . .Cuomo claims he is not in love at the moment (“Hell, no!”), though he does have a girlfriend albeit not in the traditional sense: “I have a cyber girlfriend. I met her on the internet”.


»Rockpile Magazine | Who's afraid to rock? | ? | Artículo | Inglés

. . .Cuomo, the diminutive but (these days) fully bearded genius behind the Los Angeles band's songs says only his "cyber girlfriends" can take him away from his music-centered life, or influence his prodigious output in any way.


»Pulse Magazine | Weezer for the masses | ? | Entrevista | Inglés

"I look back on my life and I'm really proud," says Cuomo over the phone from Lisbon, Portugal, where the band is kicking off its European tour, "having come from the backwoods of Connecticut, making my way out to L.A. and getting the band together and taking off. If you could just see where I actually came from, you wouldn't believe anyone could possibly become successful. It was just farmers. I mean, literally, my dad was a cow farmer. What the hell? How did I come from there?"